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Small Batch Gluten Free Granola made with coconut oil & organic ingredients

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Enjoy Life's Journey

Whether you're just getting started or you're on the go getting things done, we want your day to be filled with more guilt-free deliciousness.

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Baked by Hand with Love

Perfectly not perfect

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Our Mission

We are surrounded by unnatural, genetically modified & processed foods. It’s not easy to find
good-for-you & good-tasting snacks. That’s why Nom Nom Nola hand makes a delicious,
nutritious & energy sustaining granola. So that YOU can nom your way to doing more, feeling
great, living better & enjoying life’s journey!

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Customer Reviews

I tried Nom Nom Nola for the first time a few days ago from Erewhon in Los Angeles and brought it back to college with me in Northern California. My friends and I are OBSESSED with it!! Definitley one of the best granolas I've ever had.

Isabella - Happy Customer

The granola is incredible, addictive, all the good things. Thank you for making it so we get to sell and buy and eat it all the time!

Mia - Retail Partner/Happy Customer

I love the texture and flavor of Nom Nom Nola, the fact that it's made with real, healthy ingredients makes me even a bigger fan. Thank You!

Dempsy - Happy Customer